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дизайн спальни



A photographer and manager born in 1950, Member of Polish Association of Art Photographers, Board Member of Foundation “Center of the Photography”. He co-operates also with the monthly “Jazz Forum”. He graduated from the Warsaw University.

His main area of interest in photography is jazz and it’s environment as well as  people and their environment.


Moment’s notice – exhibition of pictures of well-known jazz musicians. An attempt to preserve music and it’s performers rendering the atmosphere of the place and the emotions of the performer.

Towards people – exhibition of pictures of people in their natural environment with emphasis on situation or portrait.

New Orleans, climates blown by the wind – exhibition of pictures like a nostalgic walk through streets, blues and jazz clubs of New Orleans before the hurricane in 2005.

Health Resorts – exhibition of 14 pictures 100x 70 cm black&white and colourful (7/7) as the test of different understanding of this notion through the dispassionate painting.

Four season - exhibition of pictures illustrating the colourful landscape serial changeability in the year. The cycle was executed in the various regions of Poland.

Exhibitions were presented in galleries: BWA i B&B in Bielsko Biała, Biblioteka Śląska in Katowice, ZPAP Sukiennice in Kraków, Umelcov Spisa in Spiska Nova Ves, TNP in Płock, Sheraton in Warszawa, CKiS in Kalisz, Club Fleda in Brno, Krzywy Domek in Sopocie, Maneż Sankt Petersburg, American Corner in Gdańsk, Waga Poznań, National Gallery Aghshabad, Euroregion Tatry Kezmarok & Nowy Targ.


Photography has always reflected the moment, regardless of the subject. Understanding of  the fact that time passes but the photography doesn’t, gave photography the power of a historical document. Then the artistic awareness of artists made photography to art with creation of the main attribute being the picture. Although the photography is a relatively young art it was able – precisely because of it’s modernity – to create a new vision of the surrounding reality using momentarily takes, play of light, construction of the frame and artistic invention of the performer. Accepting the above as a canon – and it has not to be accepted by everyone - photography remains photography in it’s unspoiled meaning. And that’s the photography I practice.


The power of art lies in exceeding people’s imaginations because people are it’s audience and it’s subject. A picture, a poem, a sculpture or a music exceed imagination, reality and time. They express the surrounding reality – the physical as well as the mental. It is also an attempt to understand ourselves, our dreams and our place in the universe. That’s why arduous explaning of the art in order to understand it is also an art.